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Your program deserves fresh insights, original plans, and breakthrough creative. Why?

Because your audience is human: employee or customer, channel or internal, ally or stranger. This means feelings, hopes and distractions are part of the mix, no matter where you reach them. Be meaningful and you'll move them. Be boring and you'll lose them.

34 Team Members

dedicated to performance solutions

343 Years

combined experience in creating results-driven programs

63,000+ Participants

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Then you're ready to find out how your brand can benefit from Fusion's style of help. Give us a few specifics and tell us how to reach you. We'll take it from there.

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How do you promote innovations poised to shape the future of the automotive industry? With the most advanced technology - on wheels.

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Valvoline Rev Up rewards program

We've turbocharged account account acquisitions for Valvoline, with a fully loaded distributor program that rewards distributors for focusing on growth.

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Beverage distributors aren't easily impressed. We got their support with trips and a Big Wheel Rally for adults. Monster got a 6:1 return on program spending.

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We've made training and promotions personal for thousands of floor sales reps all across the U.S., with an engaging variety of challenges and rewards.

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Groundbreaking work isn't possible without shared values. Let's agree on 3:

No assumptions or guessing.

Let's keep our minds open and uncover your organization's potential and needs, even if it means Fusion services aren't the answer. For now.

We want the same thing.

You're not satisfied with typical rewards-and-fulfillment solutions. We're not either. Shortcuts and formulas are no substitute for great ideas.

If we're bored, your audience will be too.

Wallpaper doesn't win attention. Let's be creative, thought provoking, attention grabbing, and unquestionably authentic.